We help your business grow by providing top-caliber experts versed in the delivery of Healthcare IT solutions. We listen to your needs, understand the environment you work in and provide the right experts to optimize your solutions and ensure your success.

Collective Experts is an Atlanta-based boutique consulting firm focused on meeting the unique needs of growing businesses in the healthcare IT sector. We maintain a bench of local, seasoned professionals to provide high-caliber, part-time assistance without the high price tag of a national staffing firm.

extremely-satisfied-awardOur experts are positioned to provide proven expertise to our clients at a reasonable rate, via part-time or project-based arrangements.

  • experts in a variety of fields
  • local and fully vetted
  • polished and professional
  • average 10+ years experience and 50% graduate degrees


Ready to contribute from day one, our experts can fill almost any need, from process improvement and standardization to developing and executing a multi-market product launch.


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