new-york-times-ipad-iconOver a quarter of jobs added since 2010 have utlized skilled temporary workers.

As savvy small businesses look to grow, they’re increasingly turning to skilled part-time workers. They’re able to harness the power of experienced staff, without the risk of full-time hiring.
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AJC_3Cs_LOGO_SKwebPart-time hiring promotes a leaner, more adaptable means of staffing.

Companies are shifting away from hiring, training, and investing in employees. They need the ability to stay flexible, adaptable, and cost-effective when it comes to staffing.
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Wall-Street-JournalMore than a third of hiring managers plan to hire contract or temporary staff this year.

The staffing paradigm continues to shift in favor of part-time staff augmentation. Businesses seek high-caliber talent that doesn’t put them at risk for high overhead costs as well.
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Part-time Staffing is the wave of the future. 

Successful businesses today are creatively adding flex-staff resources.
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